We know that car accidents can be a traumatic experience for all those involved especially if there’s bodily injuries involved. Even if you are involved in an accident with minor damage, it can still be quite the headache. However, one aspect of car accidents a lot of people don’t consider is what to do if they are in an accident involving a dog. If you are a dog owner, the last thing you’d think about is your dog being in an accident with you, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. The reason you have car insurance is to protect yourself but also other people that happen to be in the car with you, and even though your dog is not a person, you should be prepared to think about what to do if they are in the car with you during an accident. And even if you are not a dog owner, it’s still a good idea to be knowledgeable on the subject just in case you are involved in an accident involving someone else’s dog.

How To Deal With an Injured Dog

If you happen to get into a car accident and your dog is injured, the first thing you should do is to check them out and make sure they are physically okay. Look for any injuries and get them to your vet as soon as possible. Finally, you will need to file an insurance claim with your insurance provider. When it comes to your claim, most companies consider your pet as property so it’s possible that your vet bills could be covered after the accident.

It is possible for a dog to come away with a serious injury after a car accident, for example they can have fractured bones or potential head trauma. Another scary injury that can happen is internal bleeding. The reason this can be very serious is that they can look okay, but have an injury you can’t see and since they can’t speak, it’s very important they see a vet to confirm they don’t have any injuries you can’t physically see.

Keep Your Dog Safe

We know that accidents happen, but doing whatever you can to prevent them, makes it a little less likely. If you happen to have your dog with you in your vehicle, you can make some changes to keep your dog as safe as possible. If you have a crate that fits easily in your car, you can use that to hold your dog while traveling. You can also use a dog seat belt or harness, and most importantly, make sure they are in the car the whole time it is in motion, and not hanging out the window.

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More and more people are traveling with their dogs and that means more dogs are in cars than ever before. This also means the potential for an accident involving a pet increases, so it’s a good idea to keep up with preventative measures for your pet. We would be happy to discuss any of your insurance needs for you and your family, including your friends, anytime. Don’t hesitate to reach out today!