If you’re thinking about purchasing an RV, it might seem like a pretty big thing to manage, but that doesn’t mean it’s not doable. We can help you get started with the basic information needed if you’re ready to buy an RV and hit the road.

The first thing that most people think is that you need to do a whole lot in order to get on the road. If you spend too much planning a trip, you may not end up going, so don’t be afraid to fuel up and get going on your first trip. One thing you will want to make sure you have available is the proper tools to maintain your vehicle. You’ll need a four way wrench and a wrench set to make sure you have every bolt covered on your vehicle.

Maintenance is Key

Keeping your tires in good condition is also important. You can get a digital tire gauge which allows you to track the pressure from your cab. When it comes to tires, it’s important to also check the date on the tires even if you’re purchasing an RV new as the tires could be used. You also might want to make sure the weight of your RV matches the tire load capacity to make sure you have a smooth ride while on the road.

Take Your Time

Something else you can do to be successful as an RV owner is to take your time and don’t rush to get things done. Learning the ins and outs of being an RV owner will take time and the more patient you are, the easier things will come, and accidents can be avoided. This tip can be useful when it comes to communication as well. You will want to keep in mind how you communicate with your navigator and other passengers as well, especially if you are planning on an extended road trip. Keep in mind everyone has different communication styles, and the better the communication is within the RV, the more fun and successful the journey will be.

Know Your Measurements

When you’re on the road, you will want to be very attentive when it comes to the height clearance of your RV. It’s not a bad idea to keep the height of your RV posted inside the cab especially if you are a new RV owner. The height isn’t the only measurement that matters. The length of your rig will be next to the door but doesn’t include anything you might have hitched on to the back, so keep that in mind when measuring your rig before taking it on the road.

If you’re new to being an RV owner, you will surely want to know your tanks. You will need to figure out how much your fresh, gray, and black tanks hold. Sometimes your black and gray tanks can fail so your experience will help in those instances as you’ll get used to how much they can hold.

Document Everything

Lastly, don’t forget to document. You will want to take photos of your adventures, but it’s also a good idea to keep track of other memorable things that will help you better your future experiences like what you didn’t like or things you learned that were a success.

Reach Out Today!

If you are planning on buying an RV or even if you already own one, you will certainly want to make sure you have the proper insurance before taking it out on the road. Our team at Willoughby Insurance can help you make sure you have the coverage you need, so reach out today!