SR-22 Insurance

When it comes to insurance, there is a policy for just about anything. Whether it be life, health, home or car, the goal of insurance is to protect you against the unexpected. But there are other scenarios that arise where insurance is needed after the fact and although they are rare, they still happen and that is why SR-22 insurance exists.

What is SR-22 Insurance?

Contrary to the name, SR-22 Insurance isn’t actually a type of insurance, it’s a certificate which is received from a car insurance company once you purchase a policy. It certifies that you have proper insurance to drive in the state you are residing and driving with your vehicle. It also means that you are responsible for any financial obligations that arise with that vehicle.

Why Is It Used For?

Many people don’t know about this form of insurance because they don’t need to know about it as it’s often associated with having a DUI on your record. Some reasons you may need to request an SR-22 are violation convictions, multiple offenses in a short period of time, or being in an accident without insurance. These are just a few reasons why are typically used, but there are others that may be part of a specific state’s requirement so be sure to research your options if you think you may need to apply for one.

As with many insurance policies, people like to compare rates and that is the same with SR-22 Insurance. It can be costly to acquire so it’s a good idea to contact more than one agent to figure out the best price for you depending on your state. The length of time you will need this type of insurance is also an important thing to know so that your policy is not ended early and the state notified.

If you already have insurance from a provider but it is determined that you need an SR-22 policy as well, you can opt for a non-owner policy which can save you some money and be used with your regular insurance as the primary. Your rates are guaranteed to go up with an SR-22, but with more serious issues, it can be quite costly to secure the requirement in the first place.

If you are considering moving out of state, you will have to make sure the SR-22 policy is still meeting the requirements of the origin state. Or if the state doesn’t happen to issue SR-22 insurance, you may need to request special permission to ensure you aren’t violating any conditions of the original certificate.

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