How Bundling Products Can Save you Money

We know that everyone wants to save money whenever possible, and that is no different when it comes to insurance. We want you to feel confident when discussing your needs with us at Willoughby Insurance of Buffalo, NY. Whether you are seeking home, car or life insurance, we want to make sure you get the help you need so reach out to us today.

Getting the Most For Your Money

One way to save money when it comes to insurance is to bundle products and services together. When it comes to bundling, you can save on a package versus purchasing produces individually. Another reason bundling products is a good idea is that you can keep multiple products with the same company so the company knows what you need and can keep your service streamlined.

Besides the savings you can achieve when bundling products, a major benefit is convenience. Most people shop around for the best deal when they’re purchasing any kind of service, so when you find a company that offers a package that meets your needs, it can be quite simply to let them handle everything. All your bills are in one place which makes payments simple, and you know that company is going to value you as a customer since you’ve decided to commit them for multiple services.

Types of Insurance

Willoughby Insurance offers multiple types of insurance to cover all the times you might need it. We would love to discuss our package deals with you so that we can get you a quote that meets your budget without breaking the bank.

The most common type of insurance that we offer is auto insurance. If you are living in New York and driving a car, it is required that you have auto insurance. There are varying types of auto insurance, and we can help you decide what is the right kind of insurance for you and your situation. Liability insurance is a requirement for the state of New York as well. Liability insurance only covers damages or injuries to others when you are the party that is at fault in an accident. We also offer collision and comprehensive insurance which can provide more protection for you and your vehicle as wells as other benefits like rental car coverage.

If you happen to be a car owner and homeowner, you might to consider bundling a package with us that covers both. We know that purchasing a home is a big investment, and we want to help you protect it by using our coverage. Whether it be fire or flood, home insurance can protect your property inside and out.

Another type of insurance we offer is life insurance. It’s important to think about life insurance when you’re young and healthy as you can secure the best premium in that case. It’s never too early to start considering life insurance, and if you can secure it with home or car insurance, that’s even more of a reason to think about signing up for a policy.

We know that renters insurance is incredibly important even though it’s not incredibly popular. Most renters don’t realize how much renters insurance can come in handy until it’s too late. People often tend to pass up the option thinking it’s too expensive or not necessary but it can protect your property in the event of a fire and can also be used to cover your hotel stay if you have to be out of the residence for a repair.

Lastly, we offer motorcycle insurance for those in New York that happen to own and ride a motorcycle. Whether you ride motorcycle every once in awhile or it’s your main mode of transportation, it’s important to secure insurance at a level that works for you and your budget.

Reach Out Today

We want to use our experience to help you save money while keeping you safe and protected whether you’re at home or on the road. If you are looking to assess your insurance needs and are considering bundling a package with us, feel free to reach out so we can discuss your needs.  Reach out to Willoughby Insurance in Buffalo, NY to get the best deal today.