Teen Drivers


If you have a teen in New York that is considering getting a license, you’ll want to consider quite a few things before getting them out on the road. Once they reach the age of sixteen, they are able to apply for a learner’s permit. The application be signed by a parent and include proof… [Read More]

New York Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements


Buying a new car can be a very exciting time, but it can also come with some very important tasks as well. One of those is important things that need to be done is securing auto insurance. It is mandatory that you have auto insurance if you plan to operate and register an automobile in… [Read More]

What Is Renters Insurance?

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If you are like one of the other thousands of tenants in New York, you have probably rented your fair share of apartments or condos, and with that you’ve probably heard of renters insurance even if you haven’t taken out a policy. A lot of people think it’s not really needed but it can come… [Read More]

How Bundling Products Can Save you Money

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We know that everyone wants to save money whenever possible, and that is no different when it comes to insurance. We want you to feel confident when discussing your needs with us at Willoughby Insurance of Buffalo, NY. Whether you are seeking home, car or life insurance, we want to make sure you get the… [Read More]

Tips for Selling Your Car

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The buying and selling of cars is a business that has been around for a very long time and it’s also always changing. If you are considering selling a car, no matter what the reason, there are some very important steps you’ll want to take before moving forward with the process. The professionals at Willoughby… [Read More]

Car Buying Tips

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Are you in the market to replace your old car or possibly looking to purchase a new car for the first time? Whatever the situation, if you are browsing to purchase a vehicle, you’ll want to do your research before making any big decisions. It can be intimidating to make a major purchase like buying… [Read More]

What is Collision Coverage?


If you own a car, you probably already know why auto insurance important. It can help with repairs, car rentals, and many other things if you happen to be in a car accident. But what you may not know is that car insurance with Willoughby Insurance can help you in many other ways. No one wants… [Read More]

Homeowners Insurance And Why You Need It

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If you are thinking about purchasing a home, one thing that you’ll need to consider is homeowners insurance. Just like when you drive a car off the lot, you’ll need to have insurance on the car. Before you finance a mortgage, you’ll need insurance on your home as well. Most policies cover four types of… [Read More]

Ways You Can Save on Car Insurance

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Car insurance is one of those things that all drivers must have, but no one wants to pay more than they have to for the coverage they need. We can all agree that we would like to save on insurance costs wherever possible. Let’s take a look at some ways to accomplish this. The best… [Read More]

10 Reasons to Consider Renters Insurance

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If you’ve ever rented an apartment, you’ve probably thought about renters insurance and whether or not you need it. Many people are preoccupied with moving costs and a deposit to think about it at that time, but that doesn’t mean you should completely forget about it. You never know what’s going to happen, and renters… [Read More]